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July 5, 2016


CONTACT PERSON:  Rhonda Swan, Co-Founder, the Unstoppable Family

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[New York City] – Rhonda Swan, a branding expert, international speaker, and co-founder of the Unstoppable Family and Freedom-Preneur Academy, will be co-hosting Media and the City, a New York-based branding extravaganza for a limited number of female business owners in August.

Unstoppable Momma Swan and creative media personality Bonnie Bruderer will host 12 entrepreneurial women from around the world in a luxurious New York City location for a full-immersion branding and developing event August 13-17, 2016.

Swan, an international speaker, personal branding expert, and acclaimed online strategist, has dedicated her life to teaching other business owners, from surgeons to CEOs, to refine their individual brands, messaging, and public presence. She helps them hone their vision and offerings into more perfect alignment with their clients’ needs, creating more revenues and a more beneficial, game-changing impact for their clients.

As her clients’ businesses grow, Swan and her Unstoppable Family demonstrate a Freedom-Preneur lifestyle by traveling the world and working from laptops. Their earnings are estimated to be well over $1,000,000, and Swan’s been featured in the Huffington Post, Home Business Magazine, Success Magazine, and other publications.

Her co-host is Bonnie Bruderer, creator and CEO of BONBON Networks and the AskBonBon Show. She is also a television producer, starring actress, author, human behavior expert, public speaker, and patent holder. AskBonBon gets individuals, brands, and companies in front of millions of people. BONBON Networks has a combined community reach of 150,000,000 and strong ratings in the female and millennial demographics.

In a breathtaking Gansavort Hotel Groups property, Swan, Bruderer, and guest experts will tutor participants in branding, production, monetization, automation, and media training.

The women will appear in multiple media platforms such as Brand It, a weekly TV show produced by Pietro Rotondo, a 30-year production industry veteran who currently produces the Morning Show and Sunday Morning on CBS, airing weekly to over 4.3 million homes. They’ll also learn to secure media appearances on radio, weekly press releases, digital magazines, and podcasts, furthering their opportunities to share their brands, businesses, and expertise with the world. Even more crucially, their Media and the City training will ensure that their appearances will be well received.

Special expert appearances will include: Brian Cook, hairstylist of Wall Street Moguls, CNBC, and Cheddar Network; John Thomas of JT Talent Enterprises; yoga expert Dana Campbell, the Burnout Expert; and Joe Gawalis, award-winning movie producer. Famed celebrity photographer Rob Klein will take pro headshots and create branding and marketing images for participants.

Besides the experiences of Star for a Day, Brand You Inc., and Media Madness, also included are a tour of MNN Networks, a Sex in the City tour, chauffer service, group panel filming, and an exclusive Wrap Party at 230 5th, one of New York’s finest rooftop bars. Attending the wrap will be the production team from CBS, professionals from HBO, CBS, and other networks, and certain well-known actors.

For more information, visit http://freedom-preneur.academy/media-and-the-city/.


How To Create A Sexy Tagline For Your Brand

As I wrote last week in 10 Tips for Startups and Small Businesses on Naming Your Company, coming up with a great company name for your new small business or startup can be challenging and time consuming. Coming up with a memorable  Sexy tagline for your brand can present an even greater challenge.

A sexy tagline is supposed to communicate to your customers and potential customers what sets you apart from your competition and also your brand’s focus. I call it your USB ( Unstoppable Sexy Brand)  If you’d like some additional background on branding, you might want to read Branding Secrets  andUnstoppable Branding Secrets for Sexy Brands

You’ve probably seen and heard some of the most influential tag lines of the past 50 years:

Got milk? (California Milk Processor Board) – 1993


Just do it (Nike) – 1988


Think different (Apple) – 1998


The ultimate driving machine (BMW) – 1975


Why did those taglines capture the attention of a wide audience and how did each become so memorable? Money provides a partial answer. Each of the companies/organizations that promoted one of the above taglines spent huge sums of money establishing their brand – and the tagline.  But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create your own personal tagline, you just have to get creative.

Here is how to create your “Sexy” Brands Tagline.

1. Make it unique. Unsuccessful taglines often are too generic. If your competitor can use your tagline and it would still work well for them – you should keep working on the tagline until you find something that only you can uniquely use. “Use something that relates you you and only you, like a part of your name or slogan, like Rhonda Swan’s  “Unstoppable Sexy Branded Formula”  See how I use Unstoppable ? This identifies my tagline to me and only me. Think about your brand what word could express the transformation you offer ? Can it fit into your tagline?

Rhonda handbook cover

2. Make it simple. You wouldn’t want to have a complicated company name, so why would you create a complicated tagline? A good way to test for simplicity is to ask your friends, family and strangers whether they understand what your company does after they see or hear your tagline.

3. Make it concise. The best taglines explain what your company does and are short. Worry less initially about how the tagline sounds and focus first on a rough statement – you can always tweak until you get it just right. Aim for no more than five world. Five words are easier to remember than 20 words.  No more than 7 words, otherwise it becomes a mini message.

Some good examples: “Email marketing software for designers and their clients” (CampaignMonitor), “A Better Way To Work.” (37signals) and “The World’s Largest Junk Removal Service” (1-800-Got-Junk?)

4. Make it timeless. As tempting as hip taglines are, they will quickly become dated. There’s a reason each of the above taglines from Nike, Apple, and BMW has survived the test of time – they’re simple and timeless.

5. Keep it consistent. One mistake companies make is to regularly change their taglines because they become tired of their current taglines and think that their customers and potential customers also have become tired of that tagline. This is a mistake and can lead to confusion. If your tagline works – even if you think it’s boring – stick with it if it’s working well for you.

26. Keep the focus on your audience, not on your company.The most memorable taglines are about your customers, not about your company. If you focus your tagline on your company, your customers will wonder how it relates to them. On the other hand, by placing the focus on your customers – you’ll create a stronger brand association. Nike’s “Just do it” and Apple’s “Think Different” are great examples of placing the focus on the customers and potential customers. One common mistake companies make is to make promises in their taglines (which put the focus on the company). Don’t make promises – communicate benefits instead.

7. Keep it relevant to your company’s audience. The memorable taglines above are sexy but not very descriptive. They’re memorable in part because each company/organization spent huge sums of money marketing and used those taglines in their marketing. Since you probably don’t have access to the same marketing budgets, your goal should be different.  You should use your tagline to identify what you do and to identify the benefit to your customers.

8. Make sure it matches your other branding. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses think that a logo IS the company’s brand. It’s not. A logo is part of what defines a brand. A tagline, like a logo, helps to define your brand. Make sure that the style, voice, and other elements of your tagline match the style, voice and other elements of your logo design. Because your tagline will be part of your overall branding, you’ll want the tagline to reflect your company’s personality.

9. Keep it positive. There’s a huge body of research showing that negative statements generally don’t sell very well. Keep your tagline positive and focus on benefits.

10. Inject appropriate personality. Insurance companies speak with a different voice than Internet companies. That’s OK. Keep in mind your company’s voice and personality, and make sure that the tagline reflects that voice and personality, so if you are light and fun use words that will represent your personality.

If you take some time and follow the tips above you will be on your way to creating your “SEXY Brand’s Tagline”. If you need a bit more help contact me for private coaching.

speak - private coaching - rhonda swan

Have fun and BE UNSTOPPABLE!

Source: Tagline Best Practices

Media And The City Event in New York

Brand It- A New Show Produced By Bonnie Bruderer

Sexify your brand

Bonnie and I met in Dubai during the Speak in Dubai event. We connected on such a deep level right away. We are like sisters from another mister.

Bonnie hosts the Askbonbon show. I asked her if she would be willing to come on to the Freedom-preneur show. It was awesome to have her on the show.

From these times together, Bonnie and I decided to create the Media in the City Event.

I knew right away that she would provide huge amounts of value to my followers and I started brainstorming with her how we could collaborate.

She came up with this idea of putting together a show called Brand It, based off of the show they have done called Make It. The attendees of the Media and the City Event will be filmed and showcased on this new show.

Here’s a sample of the show, Make It that Bonnie produces.

What The Attendees Will Accomplish at Media in The City

When everyone gets there on August 13, we are hosting a martini meet and greet. We’ll follow that up with a Sex in the City tour so everyone can get excited about being in New York. This tour is one of the most phenomenal brands that speak to women. It is a great example to us as a

On the next two days, we are going to hit the ground running. We will be in the boardroom working on our brands. This time will allow the attendees to get crystal clear on their brand messaging.

Everything that we do is leading up to the day of filming. Bonnie and I will host this show and interview 6 of the attendees at a time. This is their time to shine. They will share their message with the world and what they hope others will learn about their brand.

Since Bonnie is so well connected, she is going to bring in people that are not generally available in this industry. This will give those that come to the event more exposure than most people could hope for.

21 points

Each Woman Receives a Segment in the Show

In addition to the group interview, we will give each woman a one-on-one interview. Basically, the spotlight is shined on each person in attendance. This is a time where they will share their journey and hopes for their business.

The show will start airing across Bonnie’s networks in September.

Star For a Day Experience

We want you to have an amazing time while you are in New York. That is why we are going to give you a star for a day experience. Here’s an idea of what it’s like to be a star in the big city.

Do You Want to Have the Spotlight on You?

If you want to attend this event, we would love to have you. Space is very limited and the seats are filling up! Why wouldn’t it? We are giving you the chance of a lifetime. This could be a pivotal moment for you and take you to the next level right away.

Source : Unstoppable Momma